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John On

More in the style of Jimmy Buffet than Hank Williams, Howard is happy enough to place his songs in the tradition of storytelling".
- Paul Adams, BBC News

John Howard is an outstanding song writer who paints a picture for you in every song
” – Ted Sipes, “Ted’s Head” on 96.5 WSLR Radio

Americana you can groove to…
– Sir Groovy Reviewer

A master storyteller with a country rock soul
– Leonard Felson

Howard’s album is a collection of well-crafted songs that conjure up images of late arriving trains, lost love, injured souls, mortality, and the joys and challenges of living in the moment.
– Joe Hendrix, Pelican Press

A strong emerging talent, John’s songs sizzle with energy…
– Beth Hammer, WSLR Radio

His song ‘A Little Bit Of Luck” touches on many woes, but there’s hope.
Kim Hackett, Sarasota Herald Tribune

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John Howard Press

John has garnered some fantastic publicity during the past few years. On YouTube there are over 5700 plays on John’s recording of  With A Little Bit Of Luck. Here’s an interview with John from the BBC posted online, follow the link to read, wait for the video to cue up to listen.

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